Dinosaur Cupcake Toppers

Dinosaur Cupcake Supplies

For cupcakes with a BITE!

If you are hosting a themed party for your dinosaur obsessed little ones why not consider adding some themed dinosaur supplies to your cupcakes, such as toppers or wrappers. If you are not yet feeling skilled enough in your sugar craft to make edible dinosaurs for the cake then you can buy some fantastic dinosaur accessories that will make your cupcakes pop and your little ones roar with delight.


Meri Meri ROARRRR!

These are super cute and beautifully made wrappers and toppers in a 24 piece set from Meri Meri. They specialise in making the perfect cupcake supplies for every occasion and these are typically fantastic. Featuring a Brontosaurus, Triceratops, Stegosaurus and what may just be the cutest T-Rex you will ever see. These cupcake accessories will absolutely make any little dinosaur fan’s birthday.

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Dinosaur Jewel Cupcake Picks

Dinosaur Cupcake SuppliesIf your dino fan is a little bit more scientific and prefers a more ‘anatomically correct’ interpretation of their favourite dinosaurs to top for their cupcakes, then these are the ones for you. Brightly coloured and made of good quality plastic these dinosaur toppers will bring a scary more realistic and scary look to a cupcake. Better make it an extra tasty cupcake to make up for it!

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jurassic worldT-Rex Dinosaur Wrappers and Picks

For the serious dino fans who love their dinosaurs to be roaring and super scary comes this 24 piece selection of wrappers and toppers. They have been inspired by the 2015 summer blockbuster dinosaur movie Jurassic World. Not for the feint hearted these will give your cupcakes some bite!

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What are your favourite dinosaur cupcake supplies?

We hope that you have found a bit of inspiration for your dinosaur themed party. There are some fantastic dinosaur cupcake supplies out there, or perhaps you have made your own? Feel free to share your dino cupcakes and inspirations in the comments below. Happy cupcaking!

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