Coffee and a cupcake

Coffee and Walnut Cupcake Recipe

Time for a coffee break!

This delicious coffee and walnut cupcake recipe comes with a thick and rich coffee-flavoured icing which is yummy on its own but if you are feeling extra decadent you can top it off with a whole walnut decoration or even dip the cupcake into some chopped walnuts for a tasty and crunchy coating.

This recipe includes the mascarpone version of the coffee icing which is extra creamy. However if you prefer these cupcakes work just as well with a traditional coffee-flavoured buttercream icing instead. You can always adjust a recipe to suit your own tastes!

These cupcakes are the perfect tea or coffee time snack or a tasty accompaniment to putting your feet up for a well-deserved break. The recipe is good for 12 people so you can always make plenty to share at work or with friends. But once you have tried one you may not want to share!

Head over to BBC Good Food and check out the recipe.


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