Autumn Favourites

Autumn is truly an inspirational time, with the beautiful autumnal colours in the tress and the fields, the arrival of the pumpkins and, not forgetting, the celebration of Halloween.

There are just so many things to inspire your baking and decorating, that you could be fully occupied from now until Christmas.

Look out for the cupcakes recipes which include pumpkin flesh in the recipes, together with the hot ginger spices these are truly scrumptious. Also there are just so many ways to decorate those cupcakes for Halloween, your head will be reeling.

Check out our 5 Halloween decorating tips in 5 minutes, it is so quick and easy to make those cakes look good for the Halloween party and they are so easy peasy, you can get the kids involved too. Hopefully you will be inspired to try out your own spooky designs.

The bright orange of the pumpkins should also inspire you to try some pumpkin decorations for other occasions, including Thanks Giving.


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